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John Merchant sculpture art stone abstract gallery
John Merchant
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All dimensions are inches (Centimeters). Prices on request.

Title Height Width Depth
Ding 16.5(41.3) 12.0(30) 12.0(30.0)
Fire and Ice 13.5(34.0)   9.0(23.0)   8.0(20.0)
Enigma 3.25(  8.0)   9.5(23.2)   6.0(15.0)
Oh! SOLD    
Breaking Wave 20.0(50.0) 22.0(55.0)   3.0(  7.5)
Nagaraj   8.0(20.0) 17.0(42.5) 17.0(42.5)
High Riser 17.0(42.5)   8.0(20.0)   6.0(15.0)
Gilda Emerging From the Rock SOLD
Transition SOLD
Antigone 14.0(35.0) 8.0(20.0) 8.0(20.0)
U.R.D. 1 10.5(26.5) 16.5(41.3) 4.5(11.25)
At the Ballet (Limited edition) 10.5(26.5)   9.5(23.8) 8.0(20.0)
Pipe Dream  9.0(22.5) 14.0(35.0) 4.0(10.0)
Lady in Waiting 15.0(37.5) 15.0(37.5) 15.0(37.5)
Dancing Feet 7.5(19.0)  12.0(30.0) 4.0(10.0)
Green Goddess 7.0(17.0) 9.0(22.0) 20.0(50.0)
Dragon Point at Black Mountain 16.0(26.0) 7.0(16.0) 7.0(16.0)


Computer paintings are priced according to the client's requirements as to size and whether the picture is a one-off, not to be repeated, or one of a series, i.e. typically one out of a total of no more that 150.  The client will receive a signed certificate to that effect.  Maximum sizes are dependent on the resolution of the computer file.

Email:     Tel: 239 267-3049

Studio/gallery by appointment